Manufacturing business is a complex field, which includes different sections to be handled by experts having relevant knowledge and experience. Starting from product planning to entire inventory management, resource management, actual production and supply chain management, every step is challenging enough. Trained experts with adequate knowledge are appointed to ensure no error throughout the process. However, in the current pace of twenty first century, a quality value production cannot be imagined without having adequate technical setup integrated to the setup.

With the increased demand of heavy duty production in relatively lower time period, only mechanical setup is not enough to speed-up the manufacturing process. There is dedicated enterprise resource management software designed and developed by IT experts. These integrated set-ups are meant to offer one stop solution for all enterprise requirements including product planning, inventory management, financial management; keeping accounts records, labour management and managing the entire supply chain.

Being an integrated resource management system, ERPs have been able to help the manufacturers to have sound and effective client relation management benefits too. Hence, the manufacturing units are not only taking benefits of ERP setup in terms of improved production methodology, but improved business standards as well.

The leading ERP trends, which have transformed the entire structure of resource management for enterprises include mobile ERP, social ERP, cloud ERP and Two tier ERPs. Each one of these software systems is designed by IT experts to cater different requirements of the marketplace. Since market has different types of clients operating in numerous fields and accordingly having several types of requirements. These ERP systems are designed and developed accordingly. For example, mobile ERP helps the managers to access through the required information about their enterprise on the go. They can utilize their time while traveling and workout the entire process.

On the other hand, social ERP setup is designed by keeping the latest social media trends in mind. Social media has grown with such a pace that it has become important for businesses and hence having a dedicated enterprise resource management setup is a brilliant idea. To preserve the information over the cloud and keep it safe yet accessible to designated users is urgent need of almost every business enterprise these days and cloud ERP has made it possible.

Two-tier ERP is basically an effort taken by the IT experts to build a setup which is all inclusive of all the elements mentioned above. Such innovative advancements are introducing a whole new world of technology, which once integrated with mechanical work, assures guaranteed growth and effective management without any error. Such solutions are world class and help the businesses to develop their growth scale on excellent basis. Technology is weaving new ways of growth, which are going to be brighter and better in every possible manner.