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KnowIT Plant Maintenance

KnowIT Plant Maintenance (KPM) module enables organizations to manage the entire internal maintenance process. Right from Scheduling the preventative maintenance to handling random service repairs and major overhaul. KPM can help the tracking of Components, Spare part replacements, maintenance warranty claims are all easily available to view on one single screen. KnowIT TM Plaint Maintenance KPM module can play a critical role in reducing the equipment downtime, improve resource utilization and streamline service operations. It can help protect against unscheduled maintenance when spare part and materials may not be available. It helps prevent interruptions in production leading to bottlenecks in the system, inventory shortfalls resulting in hampered abilities to execute orders.

KnowIT TM KPM module has both corrective and preventative maintenance process capabilities;

Preventive maintenance: The discipline that carries out procedures and activities to focus on the prevention of a possible breakdown or retarded erformance even before it occurs.

Corrective maintenance: Refers to the activities conducted by the Maintenance Organization to repair equipment of all types within their area of responsibility.

The major sub-systems of KnowIT TM Plant Maintenance module is:
  • Maintenance Entry
  • Maintenance Complaint entry
  • Calibration Record
  • Maintenance due report
  • Plant Machine Entry
  • Machine Register
KnowIT Plant Maintenance