Today, steel manufacturers face tough competition in the market due to the scarcity of raw material, power and increased costs. Both small and large companies find it difficult to give continually complete attention to the entire business operations. Fortunately, KnowIt ERP is exactly offering the same! No matter if you are a single product manufacturer or a producer of specific steel products. You are provided with a solution that integrates your operations and gets you the best business processes in steel manufacturing. With KnowIt ERP software, you will experience quickness like never before! The software facilitates for quicker quotes, immediate prototyping of products and faster turnarounds!!

ERP solutions for steel industry by KnowIt ERP are based on the needs and preferences of the industry prospects. Major features of the solution include;

Advanced Master Data Management and rapid prototyping processes
Flexible price strategies and customer collaboration processes
Various estimates and optional mark ups and down choices

Steel manufacturing includes material intensive processes that demands extreme care and importance for the quality of product. Moreover, it is a continuous process that need a system to monitor the quality of product as well as alert you about imminent issues in a continues manner. The solution does;

Keep an eye on the quality of produce during the process
Configures product’s quality processes and parameters
Ensures products are quality graded and best deal for customers
Performs complete rejection management and root cause analysis.

KnowIt ERP software for steel industry consists of a cost-intensive application that wages on different wasteful activities and works towards decreasing production costs. It tracks all costs towards production while comparing standards and actual costs.

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